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Picking out a new toilet can be very overwhelming. Here are the ins and outs to help you pick the right toilet for your house. First, there is the ten, twelve, or fourteen inch rough. The rough is measured from the back wall to the screws that bolts the toilet to the floor. Then comes the shape of the bowl; elongated or oval, and round. Next decision is how high off the ground do you prefer; comfort height (16 1/4 inches) or standard height (15 1/8 inches). Nowadays more and more customers prefer comfort height finding it more convenient. Now we come to a one piece or two piece toilet. One piece toilets have the tank built in and come with a toilet seat. Two piece toilets are the bowl and tank separate, while the toilet seat has to be purchased as well. There are also the cosmetics to worry about. Did you know toilets can have skirts? This is when a toilet is smooth around the back enclosing the trap way. People favor them because they are a lot easier to keep clean. There is also the wall hung toilet which allows you to put the toilet tank in the wall, while the bowl is suspended a foot or so off the ground. The final choice you have to make involves the seat. The options are your basic toilet seat, that makes a crashing noise when you close it, or a soft close option that won’t allow it to slam. Some people even buy the toilet seat that is motion activated that will go up when a person walks into the bathroom.┬áKeep in mind local municipalities are starting to offer discounts to home owners for buying low gallon per flush toilets to help conserve town water use.