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If you are getting tired of your old bathroom and think it is time to remodel, there are a few steps I would recommend before going off and purchasing anything. First of all you should know, remodeling can become hectic and overwhelming very easily. You should start by looking in some design magazines or visit your local bath design showroom to see if any ideas stand out. Once you start to formulate a basic idea of the direction you want your remodel to go, then you need to decide what kind of budget to have. Some things you should think about are do you want a shower or tub in your bathroom. Tubs in the bathroom are not as popular because people are tired of stepping over the edge to get into the shower and taking a shower is just faster than taking a tub. Some companies started to offer a reasonable alternative to replacing tubs, one piece prefabricated material that goes in the place of where the tub use to be with very little construction work. That option offers owners a reasonable alternative to having a tile floor shower which can be more exepnsive. Then comes the vanity, do you prefer an under mount sink, a traditional drop in sink, or a vessel sink. How many drawers do you want? Do you need alot of storage in your bathroom? These are all common questions that need to be considered.
Bathroom remodels can vary drastically in price and your first estimate can usually be higher than expected. The positive thing is there are many ways to redo your bathroom for a fairly inexpensive price and make it look exactly how you imagine. Most vanities, sinks, faucets, granite, silestone tops, shower heads all have moderatly priced lines that will help you meet your budget. When you start adding specialty items is when the price of the bathroom starts to rise. I would advise you to seek help before purchasing the products you may have found online or in a magazine. Depending on the state you live in some designs do not meet plumbing and building codes. The designer will be able to bring your ideas to life and make sure you won’t run into small problems along the way. Your bathroom has become more and more of a place where people spend time relaxing after a tough day or where you start a beautiful day. Put some time into your remodel and reap the benefits.