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5 Step Process


Initial Visit

During the initial visit the designer and some of the subcontractors will be on site to discuss your vision of the project. We will go over the existing layout and how we can make your new ideas work best for the flow of the room, as well as make sure they as possible from a construction point of view.


The Estimate

Over the next week the designer will come up with a new layout, taking in all the discussions at the first meeting. During this time frame we will gather an install price as well as a product cost.


The Proposal

After we gather all the info for the project, we will be present it to the customer. We hope that the client looks it over, and makes sure everything they want in the remodel is there. This is the best time to critique and make any changes that you feel we may have missed. After all reviews and corrections have been made, we are ready for the final walkthrough with the customer. The final walkthrough is just to go over the final plans for the renovation, making sure every detail is in order before construction begins.



Demo – Remove all the old material, walls, floors to prepare for new install.

Rough plumbing, electrical, building– new waste and vent lines; new lighting and plugs, make sure the existing walls and framing are up to code. Install new insulation where necessary

Rough inspections – building, plumbing, electrical inspectors need to make sure everything below the surface of the walls is installed correctly and according to code before the walls as closed up with sheetrock

Board & plaster – time to close up the walls with blue board and plaster

Tile – bring your remodel to life

Finish work for plumbing, electrical, carpentry

Final inspections – building, plumbing, and electrical inspectors need to come back and make sure everything was finished correctly.


Final Punch List

We do a final walkthrough with the client and go over the finished product to make sure all the small details are met.