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The new Nest thermostat brought to you by some of the creators of the iPod has been drawing attention from homeowners everywhere. This thermostat, which is already in its second design stage, if correctly programmed can save a homeowner 20% on heating and cooling bills. Incredibly 89% of normal programmable household thermostats waste energy which amounts to an average of $173 a year. There are several functions on this thermostat that are comparable to an iPhone on your wall. There is an auto schedule function where after about a week of being installed it personalizes your temperature settings schedule based on adjustments you have made. If you are an early riser who normally wakes to a cold house, Nest gives you the ability to set the thermostat for when you want the house to be heated. The thermostat even goes as far to adjust to a house with old pipes that may take more time to reach the desired temperature than normal. After you leave Nest can sense the lack of movement throughout the house and it will automatically adjust accordingly. You have the ability to access your household energy history, detailing when your energy system was on and if the weather or some of your manual adjustments affected your energy use. Nest also has the ability to remind you when you should change your air filters monitoring how often the fans have been in use. The install process is as simple as installing a light fixture, the manufacturer states on average 3 out of every 4 people can install a thermostat in thirty minutes or less. GasNetworks is offering $25 dollar rebates on up to two purchased energy saving thermostats per household. The list price on the Nest is $250, which is expensive, but with the rebates you would receive and the amount of money saved on energy costs it is a worthy investment for any homeowner. If you have any questions on heating systems or Energy Savings Rebate opportunities from GasNetworks please contact us.