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There has been a recent buzz in the contractor community about a new product called Green Pipe, from the company Aquatherm. This new product is made out of the highest quality polypropylene, a chemically inert material that contains no harmful substances, ensuring the health and safety of its users. The reason why this product is growing is because of its fusion technology. Pipes no longer have to be soldered, glued, or crimped together. Due to the rising prices of copper pipe and fittings, Aquatherm is becoming a less costly alternative with an even longer life-cycle. Pipes are heated using a welding tool that heats the end of the pipe to a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. After the pipe and fitting are heated they are pressed together, joining the two pieces as one. The heat fusion gives the joints the exact same chemical properties as pipes and fittings, which removes any inherent weaknesses from the system.

Compared to different piping solution the Aquatherm Green Pipe, issues such as vibrations from mechanical equipment and even freezing temperatures will not compromise the integrity of the Green Pipe. Both Green Pipe and climatherm systems incorporate faser-composite technology allowing them to withstand temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. These new piping systems are designed to last for a 50 year life-cycle and beyond. Properly installed systems carry a 10 year warranty for property damage liability caused by any material failure from a manufacturer defect. The piping systems can also be encased in cement or directly buried, reducing the need to construct additional access routes.

Some other benefits of the piping systems are that Aquatherm Green Pipe can sustain almost twice the flow rate of traditional systems before generating comparable noises. The piping system resists the water hammer and the noises associated with the liner expansion of pipes, making it the quietest pipe system available on the market. Aquatherm has develop a system that is inert to water and completely free of toxic materials. Even the purest water won’t absorb any chemicals from the piping system. Finally, something that a lot of homeowners don’t think about, in an event of a fire many types of plastic pipes produce noxious by-products which can harm and even kill people, but the over 97% polypropylene only gives of oxygen and carbon dioxide. If you are involved in a new construction product, don’t forget inquire about the cost effective, efficient, environmentally-friendly product.