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Here is a recently completed project, where we installed hot water radiant heating under the homeowners driveway.

First step is to lay the foam panels over the prepared driveway.

driveway radiant 2

After you lay the panels over the driveway, it is time to install the radiant tubing that is run in several loops.

driveway radiant 5

Next step is to put three-quarters to an inch of sand over the tubes to keep all the tubing in place.

driveway radiant 6

Now it is time for the driveway pavers.

driveway radiant 7

driveway radiant 8









Here are some of the completed photos of the project. As you can see from the aerial shot, due to excessive flooding in the area, a drain halfway down the driveway was installed to direct water away from the garage.

driveway radiant 9

driveway radiant 8









Not having to shovel during first storm of the year, Priceless.
driveway radiant 10