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leaky water heaterFloodmaster

Don’t let an old water heater get the best of your house or apartment and cause extensive water damage. There are several new product from FloodMaster that have automatic leak detection and feed water shut-off systems. They created a sensor that lies on the floor or in a pan at the base of the water heater near the drain valve. Once the sensor detects any leaking water, the system will automatically shut off the feed water intake and sound an audible alarm.  The system disables the cold water supply line to hot water tanks or other similar plumbing installations. The units do not need electrical wiring and are powered by a standard 120 VAC wall outlet. The systems are reusable after a leak has been detected; simply resolve your current leak, hit the reset button, and place back at the base of your water heater or appliance. Contact your local plumbing contractor today for more information and to get your house better prepared.