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Hydro Air is becoming a popular choice for new construction because of the flexibility it offers, allowing heating and cooling out of the same vents. Here are seven facts you should know before making a decision on your home heating system.

1. The heating system is a combination of a hot water boiler and hot air vent system.

2. Heat is distributed throughout the house using a duct system.

3. Contractors will need to install a gas or oil fired hot water boiler, along with necessary duct work throughout the house.

4. The air is not as hot or dry as in hot air systems because no combustion is taking place.

5. Hydro Air be used in conjunction with other heating systems, such as using radiant heat for the first floor and hydro air in the second floor bedrooms.

6. The same duct work can be used for cooling if an A/C unit is attached.

7. System will cycle on and off less lowering temperature swings from room to room.

Contact your local plumbing or heating contractor to get a better idea of what heating system will be most efficient for your home.