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Radiant heating is considered by many to be the Cadillac of heating systems, mostly used in new construction or additions. Here are seven reasons why radiant is a good choice for your home
Heat works more from the ground up, allowing temperatures to be 3-5 degrees F on the floor than the ceiling than other methods.

The system allows for a more flexible room layout since there is no baseboard or vents for homeowners to design furniture around. Also has the benefit of being installed in a concrete slab allowing you to heat your garage or basement floor.

There will be no disturbing noises in heating system. The only sound will come from the boiler often found in the basement of your home.
Radiant has a record of reducing energy usage because of the lower indoor temperature settings and ability to allow boilers to operate at lower temps, with an added bonus of prolonging boiler life
Considered a cleaner system than forced hot air because of dust particles and germs that are blown throughout the house.
There are two main types of radiant; electrical and hydronic. Electrical is the more common to retrofit single rooms or bathrooms. Hydronic uses water forced through tubes places in special panels that run under the floor.
Because the heat is not run on the outside walls it reduces the heat loss against the cold wall, allowing the system to be run for a shorter amount of time before reaching desired temperatures.